Microsoft XBOX Live is retarded

Just three weeks ago I finally got Microsoft to fix the expiration date on my credit card so I could unlock my XBOX Live Gold account.

All was good in life…

Until I received an email from MS this morning:

Dear Robert La Gesse,
This mail is confirmation that your subscription to Xbox Live 12 mo. Gold Membership has been cancelled on Sunday, August 26, 2007.
If you have questions about this cancellation, or if you want to reactivate your subscription, please go to or call Xbox Customer Support at 1 (800) 4MY-XBOX.
Thank you for using Microsoft Online Services.
The Xbox Live team.

Unreal!  Why, out of the blue, does this happen?

Come on Microsoft, Get your shit together!!!

First off, “canceled” is the correct way to spell the word (doesn’t Outlook include a Spell-Checker?)

Second, I spent hours and hours getting my account to work – WTF would I cancel it for???


I made ANOTHER call to XBOX Live Support today.  Talked to a representative for 30 minutes.  He put me on hold.  For a LONG time (more than ten minutes).

But he came back with a manager.  A manager with a solution!  The manager simply re-set the bit on my credit card from ?bad? to ?good?.

And just like that my XBOX Live account is valid again.  The same thing I asked a manager to do a week ago.

But it works now, so I am happy about that.

It should not have been this difficult for me to give Microsoft money. 

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  1. Yes it seems fixed now, but I gave them a new credit card, I hope they won’t cancel the account again later..

  2. @Roma – but you got it fixed? I still haven’t. Live Support told me they had it fixed and two weeks later my account was canceled (again!). 🙁


  3. AH!, the same exact thing happened to me here in Italy :/ they cancelled my account because my credit card was expired without any previous notice and I spent an entire morning at phone with Xbox support..

  4. Hmmm – no – I do not HATE it when people spell my name correctly (La Gesse). I do not care for some other spellings, like La Geese, or even Lageese.

    And of COURSE it should have two capitals – it’s two words!

  5. Yes, I can. I just did!

    As for ‘where one works’ .. Ask a Brit to pronounce ‘canceled’, and he will probably say something like ‘canceeled’, with the accent on the ‘ee’.

    And what’s that about removing spaces from your name? I thought you HATED it when people spelled it “La Gesse”. And if it IS one word (which by origin it, of course, is not) then it shouldn’t have two capitals! Hungarian notation doesn’t apply to family names!

  6. 😆 And I drew you RIGHT INTO MY TRAP 😉

    I said to drop double consonants, “Anytime it takes two letters where one works (and is correct…)”.

    You can’t remove double consonants (not to mention spacing and capitalization) from a proper name and still “be correct”.

    You just can’t! 😀

  7. No, I didn’t totaly butcher any speling.

    I was merely foLLowing your suGGestion to get rid of double consonants. And in the proceSS, I hoped you would see the faLLacy in that.

  8. @Paul – damn – and you totally butchered the spelling of my name as well. *sigh*.

  9. No, Mr. Lagese .. I don’t agree!

  10. @Paul – Anytime it takes two letters where one works (and is correct) then the single-letter spelling is more appropriate, IMHO 😛

  11. While “canceled” is slightly preferred by American-English speakers (well… writers actually) over ‘cancelled’, the latter is still correct!
    Same for travelled.
    In my experience, the better educated and more professional Americans I know (that’s still a minority) prefer the double ‘l’ versions.
    But both are correct spellings.