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Oh PLEASE!  I pay $60 USD for the freaking game and I have to watch ads?  You MUST be kidding me.  Tiger Woods, don’t let them do this! 

If you want me to see ads, GIVE the the freaking game – if it’s good enough I’ll probably suffer through your ads.  But charging me FOR the game, then putting in ads?  Won’t fly with me.  I won’t buy the games.  Or watch the ads.

Microsoft and its Massive division, which sells ads inside video games, announced a deal to provide advertising inside EA Sports games. Games included in the deal are Madden, NASCAR, Tiger Woods PGA, NHL, and Skate. The deal should bring some good revenue back for the $200 million Microsoft paid for Massive, and dealing with such a large industry player should help Microsoft hold off Google in this growing arena.

One wonders if this deal was helped along by the cozy relationship between Microsoft and EA these days, what with EA Sports and Xbox practically trading division presidents.

» Microsoft’s Massive Signs EA Sports Ad Deal Â»  InsideMicrosoft – part of the Blog News Channel