Microsoft’s Vista ‘Family Discount’ fails

 Well it seems I am not the only one that had problems with the Vista Family Pack – but at least they didn’t take my money and issue me bogus keys (for me it told me my Vista key didn’t qualify).

Many (if not all) users who took advantage of Microsoft’s Vista Family Discount have been issued invalid installation keys and cannot install Windows Vista Home Premium. Microsoft confirms that the keys are indeed valid, but not for Windows Vista. The CSR I spoke with was unable to tell what the key was for, but it did appear to be a valid key, for something.

Source: | Microsoft’s Vista ‘Family Discount’ fails


  1. Yeah it does – in my case though they resolved the issue in less than 24 hours at a time I imagine they are pretty busy, so I’m pleased with their response!

  2. huh. I have an invalid key battle going on with Microsoft but for another product. Boy, when Microsoft’s stuff breaks, it sure does make life harder for a while.

  3. I just got an email with my valid keys (tested and functional). Microsoft had a glitch in the largest software launch ever – but they fixed it mighty damn fast as far as I am concerned. So kudos to them.

    If you haven’t gotten an email yet with your new keys, give it a half day or so.


  4. I just got an email back from my contact at Microsoft – they are aware of the problem, and they are working on it (I imagine!). Hopefully I’ll get some more details later today, but the preliminary “guess” is it’ll take 3-5 days to get everyone’s keys straightened out.


  5. Bill – I just can’t believe they haven’t shut down the web site for purchasing the keys! The process is fatally flawed, yet they continue to let people fall into this trap.

    While I am sure they’ll make good on this (eventually), it would be nice if they could be a little more proactive on it.

    I have an email in to a Director at Microsoft who is in charge of WGA – hopefully he’ll contact me today with some information.


  6. Bill Nienaber says:

    This happened to me too. I’ve been going round-and-round with MS Support since Tuesday night – still with no resolution.

    In the confirmation email with the non-functional key, they included a phone number and web URL for support & Help. The URL is bad and goes to a 404 Not Found at The phone number is also bad – it’s an MS number, but not for Vista-related business – it’s another project.

    I’ve been transferred around the world and back again still with no resolution. The people at the call centers are unable to issue new keys for Vista right now. When they try, their systems tell them that no keys for Vista are available for issuing.

    On my third call with them last night, they asked me to please be patient and try to call back again today. I am not optimistic about a resolution soon.

  7. Another update – I would hold off on trying this just now. Although I did get a confirmation eMail from Microsoft that supposedly contains two Windows Vista Home Premium Product Keys, neither key validates.

    I’m trying to work with Microsoft to resolve this issue (they non-functional keys cost me $108.23!). I’ll update this post when I have some resolution.


  8. Just an update – I tried this just now, and it did work. I now have two copies of Windows Home Premium to go with my Vista Ultimate. Cost an additional $108 USD, but for two more copies of Vista for my kids, it was well worth it.