Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina answers a question

UPDATE: You can find a newer post here that includes this video, as well as an interview on the Today Show. 

Uh – could someone please translate this answer to English for me?


  1. @Rob .. Well said!
    But, dude, it’s not going to make a big impact!
    You’re seriously lacking in the boob-area…

  2. @Paul – I would have answered it by stating that I think we need to abolish tenure, pay teachers based on results, allow anyone that spends 2 years in the Military or other public service a free all-expenses paid college education; stop using tax dollars for silly things like football and basketball programs and instead teach reading, writing, and mathematics. Sure – throw in some Geography as well! And CPR. I find it amazing that you can take a high school class on how to rebuild a carburator, but the same school does not teach basic life-saving skills.

  3. A mean follow-up question could have been: “Can you repeat that?”

    @Rob.. she had big boobs? Didn’t notice that, and I have a few well developed brain cells that usually register such things. Often from great distances.

    But anyway, how would y’all have answered the question?
    I probably would have said something like:
    “NO clue. I guess there’s something not quite right with the US’ education system. Maybe we should turn to South Africa and Iraq for help.”

    But I realize that that answer (and the lack of boobs) would cost me the title of Ms. Teen Florida. (My gender and age may play a role in that too).

  4. And like help the people in South Africa! You know?

    What Paul said…GREAT politician or CEO of a major public company (like say, HOME DEPOT) in the making.

  5. This guy is a MUCH better speaker for instance, but he will NEVER make it in politics. Cuz he has humor. Which, in politics, is a huge No-No. See: http://glumbert.com/media/bestmanspeech

  6. @Paul – so your first language is Dutch and you understood this bable-speak? I’m impressed. I had no idea what she was saying (really).

    I just came away with the impression that she had big boobs and thought she would be young and attractive forever. And that she was counting on the former, and denying the fallacy of the latter.

    I’m just glad she wasn’t “Miss Teen Texas”. THAT would have been embarrassing!

  7. Well, what she really meant was that she wanted World Peace.

    But I predict a great career as a politician for this woman! I mean, the way she gave a long-winded answer to a question she didn’t understand, nor did she have the foggiest idea what the heck she was babbling about .. what can I say… just classic, textbook politics.
    Karl Rove, man.. work to do! We have a winner here!