Missing laptop found in ET hunt

 You have to love this story – a man uses SETI@Home to track down his wife’s stolen laptop.  VERY MacGyver-ish

“I always knew that a geek would make a great husband,” she said. “He always backed up all my data, but this topped it all. It became like `Mission: Impossible’ for him, looking for hard evidence for the cops to use. … He’s a genius — my hero.”

Source: Missing laptop found in ET hunt – Tech News & Reviews – MSNBC.com


  1. Well.. that’s the thing…I thought that too, but then I looked at their product, and they’re doing exactly what I had in mind and then some. Looks VERY good!
    So I would probably not be able to do it better, rather, it would be COPYING. And that would neither be fair nor fun. But then again, maybe I can do it DIFFERENTLY. In a different business context/model.

  2. “Done already” isn’t a reason to not do something. As I told a client earlier today, “How many Serach Sites did you use before Google came around”?

    Do it BETTER.


  3. Darnit.. done already! They even added remote control stuff, so that you can actually ACCESS your STOLEN computer! VERY smart…


    Oh well, so much for a good idea..

  4. That gives me an idea for a very simple utility that people could install on their laptops (or other “steal-able” PC’s): Everytime the laptop of pc comes up and connects to the network, it sends the WAN ip address to a website. When the user install it, he/she gives it a name which will be used for the service or process, so that’s a bit of a pain to detect it (they also have to specify the details for the website, which site I also could provide). It’s all extremely simple to do. The only cleverness that’s needed is for making it a stealth thing. I think I will start coding tonight.. 😉 It’s going to be free, but I would ask people who install it to donate something when they ever retrieve their equipment through this… Or I charge a minimal amount for the provided private website. Or even a monthly/yearly fee… What do you think?