MobyGames – Sean Clark

(Update – thanks to Paul for finding this picture!)

I am pretty certain this is the same Sean Clark that worked for me at a Radio Shack in Novato, CA in 1986-1987.  Married another of my employees – Wendy Cole.  They were both pretty young (hell, *I* was pretty young then)!

If someone sees this, and knows this Sean Clark, can you point him at this post?

They both went to work for Industrial Light and Magic – him as a game programmer (he taught me Pascal on a slow night at the store) and her as a graphic artist (I still have the cartoon she drew of us and “Mac” – a 70-something employee that rounded out my crew at the time.  They were both very talented young people (they were just out of High School then).  Sean’s dad was one of my favorite customers – he always had time to chat a bit, he spent money, and he respected me.  You can’t ask much more of a retail store customer than that.

I would love to get back in contact with them (although I heard ten years ago or so that they were divorced – but that could be wrong).

I taught them to dust!

Amazingly, I found this site quite by accident.

Games Credited

Escape from Monkey Island (2000), Electronic Arts Software, S.L.
Star Wars: Episode I – Jedi Power Battles (2000), LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
The Curse of Monkey Island (1997), LucasArts
Big Sky Trooper (1995), JVC Musical Industries, Inc.
The Dig (1995), LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Full Throttle (1995), Brasoft Produtos de Informática Ltda.
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (1993), Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Sam & Max Hit the Road (1993), LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992), LucasArts
The Secret of Monkey Island (1992), Lucasfilm Games

Source: MobyGames – Sean Clark


  1. Queer that I’ve played only one of those games ever, and that too was a playable demo….

  2. If you recognize the guy in this picture (see link below), then yes, your former employee went on to be a game designer for LucasArts…
    If not, your guy went on to do something else…