Money they lost

I blogged recently that my XBOX 360 died – the first day of the kid’s summer vacation.

I had a very busy week planned and wanted something to keep the kids busy while we waited for the XBOX to be repaired.  Off to Circuit City/Best Buy and CompUSA – looking for a Wii.

No Wii’s to be found, so I decided I would get the XBOX 360 Elite, which would give me HDMI out.

No XBOX 360 Elite’s to be found.

OK – maybe the Playstation 3.  Nope.

Saved me between $300 and $900 because nobody had anything in stock.

After I got home I called a friend with an XBOX 360 that works too many hours to use it often, and he agreed to lend his to the kids for a while (aren’t friends grand!? – Thanks, Bob!).

So XBOX, Wii, and PLaystation all lost a sale yesterday – one they are not likely to get in the future.  My impulse buying moment passed.  And they lost money because they can’t build enough of what they sell.  You might think that’s a good problem to have – but disappointing a customer is never a good marketing strategy!


  1. 😐 Still can’t find one here in the 7th largest city in the USA though!

    I DO think I would love playing golf on it!

    I’ll pick one up if I come across it, but I’m not wasting any more gas/time looking for one!

    Thanks Jon,


  2. Hey Rob, you may want to consider the Wii even yet. We are starting to see them on the shelves quite often now here (ND) and I don’t regret buying mine. In fact it is the first console I’ve bought since the super NES.

    The whole idea of using a remote in that way makes everything way more fun. And they are great for “old” people too. My fiance’s grandpa had no problem picking up a game of golf with us!