More Domain Name Stuff

I own the domain name  (never mind WHY I bought it)  – DON”T click on that yet!

I got an email from today warning me that this domain name was going to expire soon.

I wanted to see if I had put anything on the domain (normally I just a forward any parked domains to this blog) so I went to the domain.

I did not forward it anywhere.

I had never forwarded the address anywhere, so was hosting it.

But if you go to the domain you will get as many as 4 different pop-up ads.  MY domain – yet I don’t make a penny off these ads that are probably casting a negative light on ME as the domain holder! is really sinking to a new low in squeezing every cent out of me – and you.

What they have accomplished is to completely force me away from them.  This is borderline dishonest, I think.