More drama out front

It doesn’t pay to speed down my street – especially when you have outstanding warrants!



 The cuffs go on – second person cuffed in front of my house in two days!











But they aren’t letting this one go…









Ah, reinforcements arrive!






 The cop was nice though – he dug through her purse, found her cell phone and let her make a call before he put her in the car and took her to our little church jail (our City Hall/Jail are in an old church – even court is held in the church.  It’s odd, but the city got it at a bargain price!)


  1. Why would I want to quit playing Texas Hold ‘Em, and what does that have to do with this post…. OHHHH THAT kind of dealing! Sorry, my beer is mine, and I ain’t selling it!

  2. I think you should quit ‘dealing’ from your house, man!