MOSSO, Take Two (already!)

OK. If you haven’t read my previous post where MOSSO blew my mind, go read it now.  Then be prepared to be REALLY blown away.

I said I could create one domain that runs Windows and another that runs Linux – all on the same account.

I said I could run Windows with MS SQL or with MySQL.

I said I could run Windows and Ruby on Rails, or Linux and Ruby on Rails.

All of that amazed me.

But I had NO IDEA that I could run, ON ONE DOMAIN .Net, PHP, MySQL, and MS SQL.  I didn’t realize that my .Net app could talk to my MySQL database AND my MS SQL database.  Or that my PHP app could talk to my MySQL and MS SQL databases.

That my Linux apps could talk to my Windows databases.  And vise-versa.

All on the same domain.

All on the same domain!

I didn’t realize how many choices I had, and how many ways I could serve my clients all on one box – regardless of the application, database, Operating System, etc.

I honestly need to sit and think for a while because I have no clue how all of this can be true.  Just thinking about the back end that serves this is making my head spin a little bit.  The front-end – the part *I* work with is just DROP DEAD EASY.

I’ve got a feeling the back end is a bit more complex πŸ™‚

The back end is where the BMVS (Black Magic Voodoo Shit) happens.  And it is some serious magic.

In my F.A.Q. page I say DesqView X is my favorite software ever.  Because it was magic.

But I think I need to update my F.A.Q. now.  MOSSO is making my head spin.

It honestly seems impossible.

And if I would not have been lucky enough to just talk to one of the inventors of the technology I probably still wouldn’t believe it.

My brain must rest.

Amazing.  After being at Rackspace all day yesterday, and visiting their new site the day before, I was already wondering if I shouldn’t just go work for them.  Rackspace is an amazing company.

But now I know.  If I leave consulting, I am applying at MOSSO.

It is that freaking cool.


  1. GoGrid is awful. Their servers go down all the time and a recent “emergency maintenance” caused a change in setting on our staging server. The support guy refused to admit they caused the problem and kept insinuating I was the cause of the problem.

  2. I was *seriously* interested in GoGrid for our future B2B website and tried my best to talk to their customer service and get answers but sadly my experience was not different than anybody else. Like someone has already pointed out (frogot password link missing – see above) whoever designed their interface has was a high school graduate. Live Chat link is on main page but I kept trying and send button will not work … eventually I called their sales and greeting msg told me sales was not available after hours. Chat should have a msg atleast telling me it was not available.

    Next day I tried to chat again and “Christina” could not answer simple questions like “Do you provide root access” … and said “one moment please” (must have gone to read manual like everyone else has said). One moment was longer than five minutes and I had to end chat session.

    I can tell you about a chat session with Mosso/Rackspace. The guy was so knowledgeable and knew what he was talking about. Answered all my questions (some really geeky ones). He wont let me leave the chat and kept asking for more questions (to a point I was tired asking questions πŸ™‚ You can see the passion how much they know thir business and care about their business/potential customers.

    GoGrid has this confusing interface and buggy calculator to calculate price or server RAM Hours ( Why they ask for credit card to just register an account to configure a server to see how much my plan is going to cost me? I mean, seriously, why a business would need all my personal/business and payment informatioeven as a first step? They have not convinced me as customer with their plans/prices so I want to know more. Let me create an account and play around configurations. You guys will have my contact information to call me back and see how was this experience and try to sign me up for paid services. That should be the plan.

    I feel sad to have liked GoGrid so much but moving away without experimenting it.

  3. @Ben – thanks. Feel free to call me with any questions. 210-845-4440. And yes, that is me AS a Mosso employee now πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the helpful article. Off to go check out MOSSO.

    Nice attempt to hijack the thread. From here, it looks like it backfired in a big way. Yes, I’m trolling.

  5. @Alex
    RackSpace has done some great things from a hosting perspective. It’s true that their Customer Support is, from what I hear, quite good. You actually might be surprised with the hard core techies GoGrid has. They make my head spin some times. I definitely wish you luck with the Mosso/Rackspace route if that’s the path you want to take.
    If you do have any GoGrid questions or issues, be sure to reach out to me and I will definitely help you.

  6. We have about 12 dedicated servers with RackSpace.

    Note: we have 3 servers with GoGrid.

    Here is the deal:

    a) Using GoGrid, the memory gets chewed up and the server(s) stop working
    b) We had to figure this out by ourselves
    c) We did call support/ telephone but they had no clue (they were going by a manual/book) that they had to go by


    The support is outsourced to a 3rd party in India. They are NOT network magicians. They are “customer service” that read a manual/procedures.

    We are about to move to Mosso (RackSpace) for our blog server (we run about 5000 blogs) and this would not scale easily for us @ GoGrid.

    The bottom line = combining cloud services + excellent customer technical service.

    The guys @ RackSpace know the in’s and out’s of networking and you can speak with their technicians (all of which know their stuff inside out)

    Money aside, GoGrid could kick ass if they had “real” hard core techies that supported their customers like us.

    Again, I am a RackSpace and a GoGrid customer. RackSpace is just awesome. They are a lot more money (dedicated environment). But you get what you pay for.

  7. @Dan @Rick and @Mike,

    I would like to get some more details on your experience and (hopefully) try to rectify some of your issues. Could you email me at michael [at] and include your GoGrid Acct # so I can do a bit of leg work figuring out what happened? I will try to make it worth your while.


  8. That is really interesting. We just canceled our GoGrid as well. There support is terrible, but the sales and billing departments are even worse. Our credit card declined for some reason. They sent an email saying we needed to rectify it or there would be account interruptions the same day. I responded to that email and didn’t hear anything for 3 days. Then they deleted our accounts, and I do mean DELETED. Everything was gone and NON-RECOVERABLE. Then they had the balls to call us and charge the credit card without bothering to tell us they had already disconnected and deleted our accounts. These guys are worse than terrible. They really have no clue how to run a business.

  9. @Rick,

    Not that it would mean anything at this point but feel free to contact me directly regarding GoGrid/ServePath issues. I can provide insight and tips as well as have a direct line to the decision makers who can implement change. Contact me via the GoGrid blog ( as I’m the owner of that property among other things.

  10. I also have had a terrible experience with GoGrid’s (Serverpath) sales and billing. Especially the sales team has no customer satisfaction or account ownership in mind. I am still an account holder and I have had to request someone higher up in the company to work with that actually cares about the financial future of the company.

  11. @Mike,

    Sorry to hear that your experience was not what you expected. However, I’m just curious (and I can help with this), were you ever able to get your password? That is a great suggestion about the “Forgot Password” link. I will make sure that our product management group adds that feature.

    Were you ever able to log in? I would be curious as to THAT experience. Also, what pricing benchmarks were you looking at by saying Mosso was more affordable?

  12. GoGrid sucks to put it lightly. The support sucks and the sales guy cut me off because I asked him where to go to change my password! The login page had no forgot password link

    I found Mosso to be a better more affordable solution and the support is good.

    I never did get responses on some tickets from GoGrid! Awful!

  13. should give a great honor for Mosso team

  14. We have been using Mosso for a little while now and could not be anymore happy. The best part, is the Mosso team is dedicated to continue to make the product better and better. They have so many amazing plans for the future, it makes me excited to know that they are always looking ahead. Thanks

  15. Yeah, I’ve been using MOSSO for a while, and they do indeed rock.

    But, if you think that being able to talk to the two databases from the same domain is wild, you’d better sit down… in a few apps that we’ve developed on our account at Mosso, we’ve had .NET apps running natively in windows (no Mono at work here) that work hand-in-hand with PHP pages running natively on Linux. And, they’re able to share the same session variables (cookies), because they’re running on the same domain.

    Now THAT is some crazy Black Magic, there. Dogs and cats sleeping together, the world gone mad.

  16. is this fully native linux and windows on the same domain which is cool

    but you can run lamp (sort of on windows anyhow) and using php to talk to mysql and mssql is not exactly rocket science

  17. @Michael – I took a look at GoGrid and it looks like a very cool product. Not exactly the same thing I am talking about here, but you do seem to have a bit of magic of your own!

  18. Interesting review Rob.
    You might want to take a look at GoGrid You can get root access (on Linux) and full admin access (on Windows), Load Balance them all (same domain but share different types of servers), easy scability, easy deployment, server creation in 5 minutes/load balancing in less than 1.
    You have to try it to believe it through. I’m the Technology Evangelist for the product and company (ServePath) and would gladly answer any questions you might have.


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