Motorcycle Insurance

There is a good reason I buy my motorcycle insurance from a company that understands motorcycles, and their riders.

Here is the conversation I had today with a Nationwide Auto-insurer:

Me: "Hello".

Them: "Sir, if we could get two minutes of your time.."

Me, "For what?", I interrupted.

Them, "Sir we would like to show you how we can improve your motorcycle coverage and possibly lower your costs".

My motorcycle insurance is VERY low.  I am over 45, my bike is always locked in my garage, and I have no tickets or accidents in over 25 years.  I only put a couple thousand glorious miles on it each year.  My insurance is so cheap in fact that it isn’t even worth my time discussing it.  So I decide to have some fun.

Me: "Well, my current coverage also covers my dog, in case he gets injured.  Do you cover injury to pets?"

Them: "Sir, I am pretty sure we do, and long as they are wearing a helmet and seat belts".

Seat belts?  On a motorcycle? Seat belts for my dog on my motorcycle?

I was going to continue giving them a hard time, but I found myself laughing so hard I couldn’t do anything except hang-up.

I am still chuckling.

And I am still with Progressive for my motorcycle insurance.