Movie Review: "Man of the Year"

 I really didn’t have very high expectations for this movie, so I was really surprised how much I liked it.  It wasn’t hilarious, but it was very funny.

Robin Williams does a very believable job (he’s almost always very good) portraying a comedian come presidential candidate.  This movie won’t educate you much, and it’s not a must see film, but it’s also not a waste of the 115 minutes it’ll take you to watch it.

I rated it 4 of 6 stars .  It received one extra star just for having Christopher Walken in it.  Christopher plays a sickly older political advisor and does very well in his role. 

I will watch almost anything with Christopher Walken in – to me he’s one of those great actors (like Gene Hackman) that make almost any movie worth watching.


  1. I saw this in the theater and your right with the 4 rating. Definately not a waste of time.