MSN Search: Steve irwin dies

Search engines are interesting – especially when you run a web site and can see which sites referred someone to you.  Basically you can see which search results send people your way – like “steve irwin dies”.  For some reason this blog is number 12 of 123,922 on MSN search for that phrase, and I find it curious that of all of the news stories on this, my blog ranks that high.

I am equally curious why anyone would even get to page two of the MSN search results – wouldn’t you find whatever you needed to know right on page one?

That’s not the only thing I am ranked pretty high in by search pages

 “startup sound in vista” search in Google shows the first entry as a ling to Scoble’s site, but it’s actually the pingback from my site.

“who’s who among american high school students” Hits number 11 -Page 2 of 776,627 on MSN.

“vista praise” – both the first and second MSN results point to other sites that are commenting on my blog post about how much progress MS has made recently in Windows Vista.  The first four results on Google point to similar results – including the Digg post about my comments.  This one doesn’t really surprise me much, but the next one does:

“personal hang glide kite design plans” – Google.  First and second results both point to my post on hang-gliding, even though most of the search terms don’t apply to that post.  Oddly enough, I have gotten this EXACT search request numerous times, from different IP addresses! The same phrase on MSN Search doesn’t show my blog at all – at least not in the first several pages. 

“thank you letter to ex-boss” – Google – number 105, I think.  Hmm… I never blogged about a thank you letter to an ex boss, yet I get hits for this seemingly every day.  The closest I can determine is that I once blogged “I went to lunch with an ex-boss”.

Anyway, I know this is boring to almost the entire rest of the world, but to me it’s interesting – it’s Social Networking!



Link to MSN Search: steve irwin dies


  1. Kate, I agree with you. The guy just made me laugh! I don’t think I ever saw a show with him in it that didn’t leave me with a smile.

    Thanks for visiting, and for your comment!


  2. I loved his show. I think he was a wonderful person like a friend. I will miss him. All my friends send their condolences to his family. Goodbye Steve and may you rest in peace.