My apologies – but I won’t be calling you back

To the guy that called me this evening about this post.

You called tonight and wanted help getting this driver working on your system.  I asked a few questions, realized it would take a while to resolve and told you I was busy, that I had just launched a new website.  I asked if I could call you tomorrow.

You responded that you, “Really want to get this fixed tonight”.

I thought that was rude, since I just told you I was busy – but I tried to help you for another few minutes until real life demanded that I pay attention to it.  I again asked you if I could call you back tomorrow.

You weren’t happy with that.

But I told you I would call you back tomorrow, and I won’t.  After thinking about it I decided you were too rude for me to spend my time trying to help you.

If someone offers their help, with no costs involved, you just need to be patient.  And respectful.  And thankful.  And mostly – polite.


  1. @Paul – a Dutch accent just isn’t unique to me anymore 🙂

    And doesn’t your wife wear glasses?

  2. “Unless his IQ dropped a hundred points”

    Oh MY! So that guy only had an IQ of 96?

    “and he developed a unique accent”

    Well.. true.. I didn’t develop one! I already HAD one .. it’s why my wife married me! (That and my good looks, of course)

  3. @Paul – A GAME?!?!? Well, shit – you never told me it was important!

    (and for everyone new here, it wasn’t really Paul that called. Unless his IQ dropped a hundred points and he developed a unique accent!)

  4. Yeah, well.. fine, but what’s respect got to do with it? I really REALLY needed this fixed last night! I mean, I had this really cool new game, and now I’m sitting here… nothing works! What’s this world coming to if you simply refuse to help a fellow human getting his laptop working?
    And then breaking promisses as well?
    Thanks for nothing!

  5. 😈 Sad but Mooches never learn a lesson ! Respect for other people is learned behavior ! Just as is rudeness ! The best thing you did is point out his behavior !

  6. Amen! Good for you for teaching this guy a lesson.