My Avatar

I never had an Avatar before.  At least not one that I thought represented me very well.  So today, while waiting for hundreds of megabytes of data to transfer from one place on the Internet to another, I made an Avatar.

It represents me pretty well, I think.  First off – it has my faithful colleague, Yoshi.  Since I work out of my home office, Yoshi is always at my side – often sleeping with his head on the legs to my chair (he’s gotten VERY good at detecting when I may be getting up, and he moves out of the way extremely quickly!)

I am wearing a suit, which shows I can be serious and “do business”.  But it also has the whimsical – the pirate hat, indicating my desire to live my life just a little bit differently than most; the cigarette in the mouth, and the beer in the hand also will be familiar to people that know me.

The glasses are a constant with me – I don’t go outside without sunglasses – ever.  I am easily blinded by bright lights.  Sun on snow is a killer (one of the many reasons I choose to live in South Texas!)

The contrasting flooring and background symbolize to me the complex and confusing patterns of life that we all deal with – some better than others.  Controlled chaos.

Anyway, now I have an Avatar.  I created it on, and I don’t link to them directly because after spending some time creating my avatar, the site refused to save it.  It just said, “I can’t save it”.  No clue why.  Frustrating – because the actual Wee-Mee would have been animated.  Would have cost me three bucks.  But because their service was broken I just did a screen shot of my Avatar instead.  Saved three bucks, but lost the animation.

I love these creative web sites, but they just HAVE to work – especially when it comes to saving my work.  That’s why I trust little to “online applications”.


  1. Yuvi – Wee-Mee is a Flash app as well, and you make q good point…

    Since it’s a Flash app, and basically a binary, why don’t they let me download it and run it locally – saving to the server only AFTER I was ready to “save”?

    And yes, WLW rocks – but DAMN they need to come out with some updates!


  2. @second comment of Rob’s: Nailed it. The reason why I stopped using ToonDoo even though the app was good: All my work was dropped when my internet connection was lost, and it’s a friggin flash app.

    And, just to plug: WLW rocks!

  3. 🙂 I just got an IM from someone that said, “If you don’t trust online applications, how do you explain your blog?”

    Easy – I write my posts in Microsoft’s Live Writer – which caches a copy on my drive. The content is created offline, and uploaded to my blog.I back my blog up locally.

    Online services that let me store/backup my data locally (or ANYWHERE) don’t concern me. Most don’t allow that though – at least not during the creation process. That’s fine if they can handle things like my Internet connection going down, or my machine rebooting, or their servers crashing – if you auto-save what I am creating, I’ll have a lot more trust in you. If you let me copy my data back to my computer, I’ll have a lot more trust in you.

    But if you let me take my data with me when I leave you? Then I’ll really trust you.

  4. Paul – good one (if it had less hair, it would look just like you ;))


  5. That’s a spitting image!

    Here’s a link to mine: link