My Blog is not my Family Forum

I apologize to those of you that saw some family issues being bantered about in the comments on a thread earlier.  I deleted those comments and ask my family to not use my blog as a communication forum for family matters – not because I don’t want to have the discussions – I just don’t want to have them here.  So please, family, respect this as my place to share my thoughts and opinions.  Blogs are free, and it is very easy to create your own.  If you want to create one just to discuss family stuff I will participate.  This one ain’t the one though.

I encourage you to keep reading and commenting, but let’s try to stick to stuff that is interesting to most of the people that read my blog – and not just us.

Thanks much,



  1. But but but .. we ‘d LOVE to read all that!

  2. Tad – it wasn’t. Don’t fret about it. I just a have a lot of readers all over the world that can see local soap operas in their native language. No need for them to watch one here.

    Love you, brothers – all of you.


  3. I agree totally with you. This post is yours and should be run your way. I did not intend for my previous post to appear to be a personal attack on you. But a question to you on that post. Sorry for the misunderstanding

  4. What did I miss? Huh? Huh? Never mind … dont want to know and your right about the blog…its yours to run and its ours to enjoy. Thanx