My boy needs an XBOX, bitch!

(Inspired by this previous post).

My previous post about my daughter growing so quickly reminded me of this woman last Christmas at a Target store.  She was a loud, obnoxious, annoying bitch.

I wasn’t looking for an XBOX 360, but she was.  And she let everyone know.  She berated this young employee because Target didn’t have any XBOX 360’s in stock.

She screamed at the young lady, cussed and was extremely abusive.  Meanwhile her little brat was eating a candy bar (and smearing chocolate all over the electronics)  and was wearing tennis shoes that cost more than my dress shoes.

Worse yet, she was preventing anyone else from getting help in the electronics department.

For whatever reason, I stepped in and offered that I had just been to Best Buy, and that they had XBOX 360’s. She turned her substantial girth to me and said, “My boy needs an XBOX, bitch!”.

I had just tried to help her and she was abusive.  No, her kid didn’t need an XBOX – her kid needed a fucking role model!

I have no doubt her “boy” will grow up to be a model citizen.  He had a wonderful example to follow.

I honestly think we spend too much time and money ensuring that only “sane” people can buy a handgun, and nowhere near enough time making sure only sane people can raise children.

My kids have grown up in a house with guns.  And a respect of them.  This kid is growing up in a house without rules, and will have no respect for them when he is older.

I wonder who will be more of a burden to society?

We are turning into a nation of people that have an expectation for things that we have no reason to expect.  My parents hoped for things and worked for things – they didn’t bitch when Target or the US Government didn’t magically supply things.