My comment policy

Today I deleted a bunch of comments. Well – at least 7.

Why?  They didn’t add anything to the conversation. One (deleted twice) was from someone looking to sub-lease their MOSSO account.  I have nothing against that (and would even like to do the same thing myself).

But I won’t use someone else’s blog to offset my expenses – and if I were inclined to, I would at least add to the conversation before I made my pitch.

I tolerate a lot of things, but blatant self promotion without adding any content of value to other readers just rubs me the wrong way.  So I delete those comments.

And I don’t really feel bad about it.  This *is* my bog, after all!

I don’t mind an occasional pitch for your blog, or your product.  But please, add some value in return for the link, OK?


  1. Rob,

    Good work on the comment moderation. Keep it up, gives us readers a good vibe as to your care of the place :).