My dad reads my blog. Who knew?

My dad lives in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas.  Who knew he read my blog?  He has dial up for crying out loud! (which leads me to think – should I be nice to him and use less images and video, or should I make it impossible for him to read my blog by overloading him with content? – love you, Dad!)

But talking to him today he asked, “You seem to spend a lot of time on this.  Made any money off it?”

Good question.  The simple answer is no freaking way!  I made $36 in Google Adsense money over the last four months.  I’ve spent more than that each month just to maintain access to this blog.  That doesn’t even count the time I put into crafting (I like saying crafting instead of writing – makes it sound like I actually think about what I write before I post it!) my posts.

I don’t blog for a living.  I don’t even blog for people that read my blog.  I blog because I enjoy it.  I blog because I like getting thoughts “on paper”.  In reality, I only post about 1/5th of the blog entries I write.  I have five times more drafts than I do posts.

I know that may seem hard to believe – especially on those days I post 5-6 items.  But it’s true.  Most of what I write, I write for me.  But I write it in Microsoft Live Writer, just as if it were a blog post.  Because sometimes what I write turns into a blog post.

Mostly, it doesn’t. I have a local WordPress install here that I blog to – I blog everything from new sire registration email to links I want to remember to passwords.  It’s a very easy way to keep track of things because it is (fairly) secure (inside my firewall on a closed blog) and it is infinitely searchable.

Sometimes something I didn’t plan on posting ends up getting posted because something changed in my world, and I decided I would rather share the post. 

But the bottom line is that my Dad reads my blog, my brothers read my blog.  People I haven’t seen in 20 years read my blog.  Most of the people that read my blog I have never met or spoken to.  Pretty amazing.

But still, in the end, I don’t write for anyone.  Anyone but me.

But it’s cool others read it.  Usually!


  1. Rob, if you’re really interested to fight Google, you can go here and report yourself. 😉

  2. “In any case, I am willing to risk the $36 they owe me.”
    “What do you say Google? Wanna fight with me?”

    Cool attitude!!

  3. Actually, thinking about this more – what if I were a public servant here – I am required to publically file my income tax reports. So any Adsense revenue would be required to be divulged under Federal Law.

    I don’t think this Adsense rule makes much sense (and yes, I knew it existed). In any case, I am willing to risk the $36 they owe me.

    It would be interesting to see someone challenge it in court though. Hmm… maybe me? What do you say Google? Wanna fight with me? Heh 😛

  4. It’s under $40 over several months. What can they do? Not pay me? So what? :mrgreen:

  5. Hi, I’m Sisir from India. Are you sure you that revealing your AdSense earnings is valid under the Program Policies and Terms of Use?