My daughter complains that she never gets any mail…

Today she got three letters from great colleges (TCU!)  And a packet from the National Student Leadership Conference.

So hopefully she will be happy when she gets home from her class trip that she has some mail.  Me?  I’ll be happy when my kids get scholarships!


  1. I get so much of this spam (yeah… I call it spam), I’ve started throwing it all out. When I go to pick a college, I want to do it without marketer speak echoing in my head the whole time!

  2. But better they get mail than not. I have a friend with a sophomore that has never received a letter from a college. In spite of the fact they say he is an “ok” student.

    Who knows. I just want my daughter to go to Trinity University on a full scholarship. I’m not asking for much 😉

  3. My oldest has been averaging 4-5 mailings a day from colleges since he took the PSAT. One day we got 14 pieces of mail and 7 of them were for Michael …. rediculus