My daughter’s birthday

Update – OK, this post went out early – not WordPress or Windows Live Writer’s fault though.  For some reason my computer had the wrong date – it thought today was tomorrow (the 28th) and I blindly believed it.  Since I work from home things like days of the week and dates aren’t something I track closely :)   In any case, the words will mean the same in 24 hours 😉

My daughter turns 17 today. I hope she has a wonderful day – but it is a school day, and we won’t be doing anything special for her birthday until this weekend.

But I will let her sleep in an extra half hour in the morning – and we’ll eat something she really likes for dinner.

At 17 though what kids really want is a) to be left alone and b) cash. I’ll give her a great deal of the former, and a little bit of the latter.

She is such a wonderful person (artistic, excellent student, cares about others) that I think my job here is nearly done. I’ve raised a decent human being. The fact I accomplished it both with her and her older brother makes me very, very happy.

This marks 6 years that I’ve had primary custody of my kids. Six very short years.

I’ve taught them a lot – and learn from them every day. Life is good 🙂


  1. Late happy birthday to Lauren, Rob 🙂

  2. @Kami – thanks. I am proud of her! I’ll give her your birthday wishes!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter Rob. I know you are proud, and you should be.

  4. @Sisir – Thanks. I’ll tell her in a few hours when it is *really* her birthday!

  5. Wish your daughter a very happy birthday (in advance)! The art by her that I’ve seen here is just awesome. May the talents flourish even more in the coming years!