My Day (so far)

My daughter is going to Trinity University tomorrow and Friday to study for the SAT courtesy of Princeton University. I guess they pick the highest 50 P-SAT scores (edit – in her district/school, whatever.  I don’t know the exact criteria) and work with them. For free. Very cool. But she has gotten a progressively worse sore throat throughout the day. Right now she can’t even speak. Usually I would welcome this (just kidding – she IS a typical 16 year old girl, but I do like talking to her!)

I went to Church’s Fried Chicken (I prefer KFC, but it’s a mile further away). I was teasing the lady at the drive through that I preferred the KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. She took offence and told me, “You go to you KFC then – you gittin no chicken here“! And she closed the drive through window. Soup Nazi!? I’m glad I hadn’t given her any money. I got no chicken today.

I am beta testing a natural foods delivery service (really). I picked up my box of vegetables from the front porch and took it in to the kitchen to rinse off the veggies. They were filled with fire ants and I got a half dozen bites before I realized it (note – I am sure these came from my yard, not the company – I’ve been fighting these damn fire ants for three months now). My right pinky finger is swollen now, and larger than my thumb (in diameter).

So I am hoping my daughter feels well enough to take advantage of this opportunity tomorrow.

I’m hoping the swelling goes down on my pinky finger, because I (usually) use it when typing.

And I am eating left-over pizza – because there wasn’t any chicken for me today. And when I get a craving for fried chicken, nothing else can satisfy me.

I hate hump-day.


  1. @Rick… Why not start with a small book, well written and very readable non-fiction: Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation… πŸ˜‰

  2. @Paul.. Was just kidding with you, and yes, Dana Carvey played the “Church Lady” on SNL. But now that this topic is flowing… have any suggestions of a good book to read? πŸ˜†

  3. @Rob .. I have never seen a single complete episode of SNL, and I especially have never watched any TV involving a ‘church lady’. I DO have two female friends who call themselves ‘Church Lady’ though. One of them once explained that the phrase was borrowed from a charachter played by a certain comdian by, I think, the name of Dana Carvey, but I can honestly say I have never seen it.

    Having said that .. My recommendation to read more books wasn’t meant as evidence that I never watch TV. I DO watch TV! Nor was it meant to be ANTI TV .. TV is doing a much better job at that itself! πŸ˜‰

  4. @Paul – I think he was referring to you “Church Lady” comment – which implies you’ve seen the TV show SNL πŸ™‚

  5. @Rick… I’m not sure what you’re getting at: what has TV to do with my comment?

    And, btw, I never accused Rob of watching too much TV, I merely presented him, and his readers, with an alternative, yet underrated, means of entertainment: reading books.

  6. @ Paul,

    And this coming from someone who says Rob spends too much time watching tv ❓ πŸ˜†

  7. So I guess “the Church lady” “fired a customer” today…

  8. @Rick – Yeah – this lady was funny – she was teasing me about ordering “all white meat” and that that would take longer. I mention her gravy and she gets nasty!

    Oh well. Maybe I wasn’t the only one having a bad hump day.

  9. Funny you mention this. I went to Church’s chicken yesterday, only because…1…we have no KFC and 2….Popeyes was crammed full of people. I ate their mashed potatos and was so sick yesterday that I almost had to miss work. Kinda weird seeing how I LOVE Popeye’s chicken and Popeye’s owns Churchs, yet they are so different in taste and courtesy.

    It also helps to love Popeyes when my next door neighbor is the manager and we get extra everything, with a few slices of pie thrown in.


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