My Diet

And I’m not talking about a weight-loss program.

Someone asked me today what I eat.  Deannie and I briefly chatted on my metabolism this morning (she wasn’t the one to ask me about my diet though).  In any case, I figure two people in one day interested in the same thing deserves a blog post.  And I like writing one I don’t have to think very hard about!

I drink a pot of coffee every morning.  Fresh ground from very dark Kona beans, usually.  The stronger the better.  I normally wake between 4-6 am.  It takes me about two hours to drink the coffee.  I don’t eat breakfast – I find it very difficult to eat anything until I have been awake a couple hours (breakfast meetings kill me!).

When I am done with my coffee I drink a 12 ounce can of V8 vegetable juice.  Every morning.  First, I like the taste – second, it has lots of goodies in it I don’t get enough of, and third it is just convenient, and comforting.  I am used to consuming beverages that come in 12 ounce cans!

Next I drink a bottle of water.  This brings me about to lunchtime.  I usually don’t eat lunch, unless someone asks me to meet them to chat.  I don’t eat much lunch.  I never clear my plate.  I don’t have a huge appetite anyway, and the V8 holds over pretty well.  If I am having lunch with someone that usually means a beer or two.  Generally an imported beer – Negra Modello being a favorite.  There’s quality calories there!

I eat dinner.  Almost always.  I have two teenagers and they love groceries – so I usually eat a good sized meal at about 6pm.  I don’t count calories or anything – I eat what I feel like eating.  Normally I will have a few more beers during the evening.

Generally I head to my bedroom at 10pm, and I take the same snack with me every night – 5 radishes, 10 mini-carrots, and a few celery sticks.  Although I head to my bedroom at 10, I normally don’t go to sleep until 2 or 3 AM.  I like the veggies to snack on. They are fresh, tasty, give me vitamins I am sure I need, and they keep me pretty darn regular!

And I hate it when something comes up that breaks any part of my routine – early meetings, huge lunch meetings, travel that prevents me from having my veggie snack, etc.  It throws me off mentally and physically.  My body and mind are just used to certain things at certain times.

Is it a healthy diet?  I have no clue.  It’s what I like.  I’m 5’9″ and weight 148 pounds.  The same weight I had when I graduated from High School in 1979.  I’ve never deviated more than 5 pounds from that weight.

I’m lucky that food and weight have never been issues for me.  I know how others struggle.  I think I must just have an accelerated metabolism or something.  I’m sure the fact that I normally sleep only 3-4 hours a day is related here somehow.

So there it is – my boring post on my diet!


  1. Ahh, I can see where the key differences in our diets lie now: I like to eat at just about any time of the day. Seriously, I swear that once you have borne children, food takes on a whole new fascination. It did for me. I have finally reached a place where food has taken its rightful place again in life and while my health doesn’t always cooperate, I never have pangs of conscience about whether it was something I ate. I am very happy to finally have arrived to this more balanced state of mind.

    Like I said earlier though, out of petty jealousy alone, I might still not talk to you anymore. Still the same weight as you were when you were in High School?!?