My dog would die for me – would your cat?

July 3 2007 - Rain 011 Seriously, there is no doubt in my mind that my dog would die for me. Just tonight we went out to check the mail and there was a 4 foot long King Snake in the front yard. My dog (Yoshi) gently bit my hand and pulled me and growled – he was trying to keep me away from the snake.

That’s very unusual behavior for my dog. He doesn’t bite and never growls. Hell he won’t even bark in the house (unless I go outside and leave him in).

But he tried to pull me away from the snake I had not seen yet, then he ran at it snapping and barking after I ignored his request to turn away from the danger. He was trying to herd the snake away from me (he is a Border Collie).

Cats don’t do that shit. Cats just shit.

That is why dogs rule and cat people will end up getting killed by a non-toxic snake while going to check the mail.


  1. hehe. But, anything beats nothing here. I don’t have pets πŸ™

  2. “What your doctor recommends just isnÒ€ℒt working for you!”

    My doctor?

    I got these puppies directly from Rush Limbaugh!

  3. @Paul – I no longer mow my swimming pool, so the aluminum is not a factor when it comes to mowing. I tried to mow it one time and it ended badly. Lessen learned.

    As for suing the city, it wasn’t the city – my city has no money. It was the state that left re-bar in my yard, and I didn’t sue them (side note – you CANNOT sue them for this! You have to find and sue the contractor that actually left the re-bar. In other words, you are fucked)

    But where was I? Oh yeah! Take a blue and green pill EACH day for a while. Trust me. What your doctor recommends just isn’t working for you!

  4. @Rob .. “8:21 pm post”

    “taking the green pills on blue pills day again?”


    I have been trained well! The blue ones are for the weekend!

  5. @Rob .. 8:19pm post…

    “I have an old swimming pool just full of them jets and dead terrorists”
    “Sure, I have tons of aluminum scrap to sell”

    And you try to sue the city for a piece of rebar in your yard?

  6. @Paul – taking the green pills on blue pills day again?




  7. @Kaylyn – But my Border Collie jumps 11,000 feet straight into the air and pulls down 757’s laden with Middle Eastern Extremists all armed with body bombs containing thousands of ten-penny nails.

    I have an old swimming pool just full of them jets and dead terrorists.

    The first couple of times I thought it was kind of funny. But it really gets old fast.

    Sure, I have tons of aluminum scrap to sell, but if I try to sell it everyone thinks I am a laid-off airline employee selling stolen goods!

    But the good news is I am one catch away from building a “black box based disk array”.

    That will be handy. I plan on archiving all of my Twitter Tweets on it.

    See – cats just can’t so this stuff!


  8. @Rob ..

    I am NOT crazy!




    Well.. *cough*


    *goes through some psychiatric reports, way back from when he got dismissed from military service*

    But HEY!

    I’m NOT dangerous!


  9. This made me laugh! Having had both a cat and a dog-I have to say you are both right. My cat could hunt like nobodies business. She could find the smallest of baby mice, the catch the highest flying house fly. You name it. On the other hand my dog. Super Katie? If there is a snake anywhere in the area she WILL find it. It is her mission and her favorite hobby. She catches not only snakes, but squirrels and all other things that run wild in the back yard. So, see, you are both right. It just depends on if you are in or outside. πŸ˜€

  10. @Paul. *Sigh*. Yes. That is exactly what I was implying.

    @Everyone_rational – Just humor him. I learned after years of marriage that it is best to avoid arguing with crazy people.

    @Everyone_not_Paul_but_not_rational – see Paul’s blog – – You will feel quite comfortable there.

    @Everyone_who_doesn’t_know – Paul and I are actually good friends and yes – I do enjoy hanging out with crazy people. It beats TV.

  11. “They have implanted bizarre memories into your brain”

    So, you agree, then, that my cats have some remarkable talents!

  12. @Paul – I started to reply to this last night and then the Cowboys game got unbelievably exciting. So I decided to wait until today and upon re-reading your comment I realize that you are completely within your cat’s control. You are a Zombie cat owner – controlled and manipulated by your felines. They have implanted bizarre memories into your brain which you now consider “real”.

    I can’t help you.

    Best of luck, fur ball!

  13. 😯 You two slay me.

  14. Okay, just a few points:

    1. To begin with your post’s end: How exactly did you envision me getting killed by a NON-venomous snake? A 12 feet boa-contrictor? Poor Yoshi!
    2. How are my cats at snake patrol? Here’s how: When they spot one (which takes about a microsecond) they DO NOT bite my hand, they DO NOT try to shoo the snake away like an old lady with an umbrella … they RUN by me (“Hey! I saw it first, it’s MINE, MINE, MINE”) and KILL it! Cats are EXPERT snake killers! (and they eat scorpions too, but that’s a different story!)
    3. Unless… it’s too small… (See picture at ), then it’s simply not worth the effort, so they bring it into the house and drop it at my (or worse: my wife’s) feet, saying “Here! too small… YOU play with it!”.
    4. .. which is EXACTLY why my wife calls ME when she finds a snake in the pool, rather than letting the cats have a field day with it.
    5. What IS it with your ego, that you feel this need to surround yourself with beings that are prepared to die for you? Are you THAT insecure, that you developed this … GOD complex? And when you finally find someone who bows to you and does whatever you tell it to do (as long as you feed it) you feel fulfilled? Even when it’s a DOG? A dog that would happily follow the NEXT guy who feeds him better food?
    6. The DAY my cats stop ordering me around and start showing altruistic behavior… they’re outa here!
    7. But I KNOW… he won’t .. she won’t .. neither of them. THEY have their demands… I have the food… it’s an equal opportunity relationship, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
    8. ..and finally… dogs stink! Cats smell great! (Stick your nose in their bellies after it has rained! Cats know how to take care of themselves (WAY beyond that disgusting “licking their balls”).
    9. And beyond finally… if they want to, my cats can behave like dogs! They can do stupid tricks, they come when I call them, and they roll over when I ask (not tell!) them. Can YOUR dog behave like a cat?

  15. @Paul – Pussy cat, pussy cat. You get called home from work to remove a snake from the pool. I have a dog herding them out of my yard.

    How are your cats at snake patrol?

  16. Are you perhaps trying to get a reaction out of me, here?
    Because, if you do… I MAY react… and you will regret it!