My dog

I don’t post enough about my dog.  I’m afraid that if I did you would think I had a bestiality thing going on.

But my kids are both gone tonight, so Yoshi is laying here in bed with me (he normally sleeps with my daughter).  More precisely, he is doing everything he can to STOP me from blogging.  He is nudging me with his cold wet nose, laying his head on my keyboard and groaning every few minutes (he’s six, but likes to play like he is 15).

I don’t feel sorry for him. Saturday, as I was checking out at the grocery store, the cashier said, “Someone has a spoiled dog”.  Yes – I bought that many treats.

Yoshi is the best behaved dog I have ever owned – and the smartest.  Pure breed Border Collie.  I got Yoshi when I got custody of the kids.  It was a package deal.  Yoshi was just a pup then, so it was easy for him to become “my dog”.

What amazes me most about Yoshi is how he reads my emotional state – he knows when I need a little bit more lovin’!

He also know when to leave me alone.  He knows when I on the phone.  Really, he does.  I know you cat people are calling me “bulshit” right now, but you are wrong – sorry.  Dogs are just smarter, more loving, more useful, and more interesting than cats.  Deal with it.  You picked a weaker species.  Sucks for you 🙂

For me?  Yoshi is working on the PHP code for my broken web server, and he just completed some IEEE documentation that is really too technical for me to understand (it has six letter words, yo!)

Yoshi asked me to buy him a domain name, but and are already taken.  And Yoshi doesn’t want to settle for a second rate domain name.  Poor boy.  One day he’ll realize how I had to walk uphill both ways to and from my ISP, in the middle of the winter – and how I actually registered a domain name once with 146 characters in it.

And Paul will tell me it was his cats that figured out the Soyuz/flare picture issue, although he would know I knew he was lying.  Paul doesn’t care – he loves his cats more that he loves his reputation.  So he will lie about this.  Don’t trust hi.  Cats are stupid pets.  One day, Paul will realize it.


  1. I have owned both cats and now a dog. One cat in particular was most precious to our entire family. That cat knew moods and could comfort someone like nobody’s business.

    Now I have a dog. He hasn’t got a mean bone in his body and with every passing day he is learning my moods and becoming a fast friend.

    I really can’t agree with you Rob. Cats and dogs are great pets. Now, can someone please explain pet RATS to me?!?!?!?