My early experience with the iPad

Since I am reviewing the iPad I am also writing his post on the iPad.

I wl not correct any typos
Or odd formatting errors (like the random carriage return above)

As you canp seethe onscreen keyboard is a challenge
Pbut the devce is amazing.

OK – the above was written using the iPad o-screen keyboard – which either I need to get used to, or it sucks. I thought the iPhone keyboard sucked at first but learned to use it, and expect the same is true of this. Right now I am typing with the (optional) bluetooth keyboard – which I have had for two years so I am used to it.

So what is bad about the iPad?

1) It does not multi-task – so for me it can NEVER replace a notebook unless it adds that capability. I am a multi-tasking fool and need Twitter, numerous IM clients and email and Browser open always.
2) I can’t program it with NewtonScript (yeah – leave me alone – I liked NewtonScript!)
3) I couldn’t afford more than one of them.
4) The docking port is in the wrong place. I would have put it so that when docked I was in wide-screen (so I could watch movies, etc)
5) It is WAY too slippery. I would have preferred a rubberized coating that gave me some grip – you almost HAVE to have a case for this thing – which makes it feel much larger that it really is.

What is great about the iPad? Almost everything else. From reading books, to streaming wide-screen Netflix movies, reading news sites – it is amazingly easy to use. It is amazing easy for even me to spend even more time online (and trust me – that is saying something).

It is so natural to pick it up and read on it – especially for anyone who grew up with books. This feels like a good-sized novel. About 1.5 pounds. But it carries thousands of books.

The battery life is amazing. Apple (kudos to them!) sold me a unit that was 96% charged – so after 10 minutes on the charger I had a full charge. After two hours completely undocked and watching video, reading blogs, etc I still am at 93% power.

Apps built for this device look amazing – and apps that weren’t built for it kinda suck – but I still prefer them on this device than on my iPhone – partially because I can actually SEE this screen πŸ™‚

I’m sure I’ll have more later, but for now this will have to do. TIme to go watch some Netflix on my iPad!


  1. Paul Claessen says:

    “Apple offers fixes for iPad’s Wi-Fi woes”

    Apple said this week’s connection problems can happen with third-party Wi-Fi routers that are dual-band capable if more than one network has the same name or someone had different security settings for the different networks.

    Say WHAT??? Yeah.. THAT’s a very common situation! (NOT).
    Didn’t Apple LISTEN to the complaints?
    99% of them were RANGE problems. If all other devices work great, except yours, then blaming the ROUTER makes you look stupid, Apple!

    Almost as stupid as their first reaction (considering that 99% of the new iPad users are probably VERY tech savy): ‘Make sure you plug in and turn on your router”. *face palm*

    The tips include moving closer to a Wi-Fi router or hot spot and making sure the Wi-Fi router is plugged in and the power is turned on.

    You: Uhm, I’m having severe range problems with this thing.
    Apple: Then go stand next to your router.

    Problem solved!

    How about a:
    “We are looking into the problem, and will provide a fix asap”.

    And they’d better fix this soon: without proper and reliable connectivity, this product will become the most hyped boat anchor in Apple’s history.

    (Sorry for ranting on YOUR blog, Rob)

    • πŸ™‚ I’ve seen these reports – and I am glad I am not experiencing these issues – especially since I have a configuration close to what is described here. I have a Cisco 802.11 ABG Access Point with the same SSID for both network – and the same security settings on both bands. I also have two other Wireless access points with different SSIDs.

      This morning I did some range testing with my iPhone, my Macbook Pro and my iPad – and they all get “about” the same range – with the iPhone getting the worse range of the three (not surprising with it’s small antenna).

      What surprises me about these stories is that you don’t here them about the iPhone – and as far as I can tell the Networking software is basically the same on the iPhone and the iPad – so having the devices react differently is odd.

      I do think Apple is doing people a favor by asking them to update the firmware on their routers – it is amazing how many times I have helped people with their networks and they are running firmware that is 3-5 years old! And yes – it those cases the device is probably to old to find an update – so throw it away and buy a new one!

  2. Paul Claessen says:

    “What would I know about testing WiFi?”

    Yeah … silly me. What was I thinking? πŸ˜‰

  3. Paul Claessen says:

    I’ve seen some really BAD WiFi reviews…

    My MAIN question is: does this thing out-do Kindle? Don’t care about much of the other stuff.
    Since it’s way more expensive than a Kindle … it has to be MUCH better in order to get my attention.

  4. What would I know about testing WiFi? πŸ™‚ Actually the range is better in my experience than with the Macbook Pro. At our corporate office I have been 30 feet outside the building (mostly windowless) and still connect with no issues. I’m heading to SFO on a trip next week and will let you know how it performs “in the real world”.

  5. paul Claessen says:

    Did you do any simple WiFi range/connectivity testing?

    Seems to become a major issue for a lot of users.

  6. +1 for NewtonScript. Nice!