My first Ubuntu Question – replacing Remote Desktop

My normal usage model is to use my desktop in my office throughout the day, then move to my laptop in the Family Room, Remote Desktoping back to my office.

While I have found out how to connect with VNC, GnomeRDC and Krdc, none of them really give me the same type of connection Remote Deskop dis – for example – sounds always seem to stay on the remote machine, instead of being transmitted to the laptop.  And my cursor becomes a weird little square instead of an arrow when I use Krdc.

Any suggestions for the best remote desktop client?  (and no, to be honest, I haven’t searched any forums yet.  I am a bit brain dead after the events of yesterday, and then installing Ubuntu today.  I think I’ve used my allotment of creativity for the weekend!

Thanks mucho,



  1. thanks – trying it now.


  2. I use tsclient, sudo apt-get install tsclient and it resembles an older version of the remote desktop client, I think Win2k days.

  3. Chris – I was just going to comment that I tried desktop, but wasn’t able to spend the time on the command line stuff today when I saw the rest of your post about grdesktop. I’ll try it. Thanks!

    Got email, IM, RSS Reader, etc all set up. Big test will be this week, when I have to work with customer’s data files (and that’s why I still have a Vista partition on my laptop – I can’t risk ticking off a customer (I am NOT Microsoft)!

    Thanks again – as always, you’ve been a lot of help.


  4. Try “sudo aptitude install rdesktop” in the terminal. My Parallels install is being fussy so I can’t try it at the moment, but that seems to be recommended.

    You’ll also want – it’s a GUI for RDesktop. Increasing the usability and such.