My Five Minutes with Safari for Windows

Apple released a beta of their Safari Web Browser for Windows today.  I like Safari on the Mac.  So I downloaded and installed it.

Ran it.  It opened a huge window that went below the bottom of my computer screen.  I could see the title bar, and I could close the application, or maximize it – but I couldn’t resize it.  The resize “handle” is ONLY on the bottom right corner of the application.

Sorry, Apple – that may work for Mac applications – you have trained your users that way.  But you released a Windows application – it should work like a Windows application!  I should be able to resize it from whatever the hell place I decide to grab it from.

You can’t win market share on a new platform by breaking the UI model of that platform.  By choosing to write an Apple Application for a Windows machine, you’ve created  barrier to entry – the pain threshold is just to high.

Uninstalled Safari in less than five minutes after installing it.  Literally took me more time to download and install it than I spent running it.

I don’t want Mac Apps on my Windows machine. If you want to win me over, write Safari to the Windows UI guidelines.  Make it work like everything else on my machine.  I have too many choices for Windows-based browsers to consider using a UI-challenged browser.