My Happy Father’s Day

I just woke up. At 10 am. That is nice – I never sleep that late.

And then, at my computer keyboard, where she knew I would see it first thing, is a beautiful letter from my 17 year old daughter, which reads, in part:

“…I know when I talk about you to my fiends they are always jealous of the relationship and bond we have, so I know it is something rare and special”

I won’t share the entire thing – it is special for me alone.

But I can’t imagine waking up to a better gift!

Happy Father’s Day, Dads!


  1. @Karen – Her and I (and my son) have been through a great deal together. Corporate relocations, military relocations, four hurricanes in two months – we got to be very close, and luckily have stayed that way. My kids are my best friends!

  2. Your relationship with your daughter is truly unique and special. How fabulous that you have been able to create and maintain a connection with her – not many dads or moms are able to do that during the pre-teen and teen years!