My last post gave me an idea…

MS should start a series of “viral” videos – teens and young adults creating cool things with MS products.  Getting together and having fun with MovieMaker, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visual Studio, whatever.  DO NOT edit the films to make them pretty.  Let teens take the films.  Keep them real.  Perhaps on some occasions you film teens making a film – but their films remain what they make them.

What do you think, MS?  Send 1,000 cheap video cameras out to tweens, teens, and young adults.  Let them create something for you.  And let them (at least) keep the cameras in the end (and maybe an Office Suite or something).

Nobody builds momentum or excitement like young people.  Even if they aren’t your target audience today.  Before any of us know it they will be.  And they’ll be a hell of a lot more creative and competent in a wider variety of computer technologies than we are!