My Neighborhood Grocer

My local Grocer happens to be one of the largest privately owed grocery chains on the planet.  The company is HEB.  My mother worked for them for years – until she died, in fact.

I wrote them last week – because I wasn’t happy with their radishes.

I love radishes.  But they can’t be nasty 🙂

But for a few weeks I got nothing but nasty radishes – so I let HEB know (via a form on their web site).  And they made me a happy customer – yet again.  The manager of my local store called me to talk about my issues with the radishes – from just bad radishes to the “new” packaging.

He also offered me free radishes for bringing this issue to his attention.

Free is good – but it isn’t why I complained.  I like good radishes.  If my grocer doesn’t know I am displeased with their radishes, then they can’t fix it.

Telling companies that they are letting you down isn’t a negative thing – it’s an opportunity for the company to improve.   NOT telling them is wrong.

And just because I am amazed that I get hundreds of hits every time I mention USAA, even if I don’t link to them, I am including USAA in this post.

Honestly – it concerns me that I am paying too many people at my insurance company to look at blog posts about USAA.  I would think I might have a dozen people looking at my benign USAA posts.  Instead I have hundreds.

USAA – are you hearing me?  Too many of you are too interested in what blogs are NOT saying about you!


  1. Gail – congrats on retiring! I hope to do that one day :).

    But honestly, I wasn’t counting your IP address – ony those coming directly from USAA.

    But I am glad you stopped by, and I hope you find something interesting enough here to keep you around 🙂


  2. I retired from USAA five years ago. I have a google search set so I can see what’s happening at my prior employer and current insurer. I like to see what the company is doing and I often find info about folks I know. So, add me to your list of hits when USAA is mentioned.

  3. Helen – thanks for the comment. I really do like USAA – been with them my whole life – outside motorcycle insurance, USAA is the only insurance company I have ever used.

    I also understand that USAA employees would be interested in what the planet thinks of them.

    Mostly, I think I am amazed at the power of SEARCH on the Internet – I don’t even have to link to USAA for a hundred extra eyes to visit my blog. Quickly.

    That’s pretty cool 🙂

  4. Helen says:

    There are a lot of us that have a Google search set for USAA to stay informed on all the good things USAA is doing for the community, what’s in the news about USAA, etc.

  5. 🙂 I understand why the PR firm would be looking, and even why USAA would be looking (believe me, Time Warner watches because they know I am vocal about when they screw up).

    My initial question though was why I got so many hits from USAA. I’ll do an experiment – today I have had 37 hits from USAA and 15 from the PR firm.

    I’ll not mention USAA for a week, then mention them in another post and give you the results.

    It’s amazing how quickly they scan a post that includes USAA in it 🙂

  6. Don’t know… just a thought though.

    It also makes sense that the PR firm would hit the site to make sure that the site is not to negative on the company….

  7. David – good point – but I also get hits from USAA’s PR firm anytime a post has USAA in it as well 🙂

    Besides – why would they need to hit my site 100+ times to determine if it was a phishing site?


  8. dleach says:


    One thing to consider on what “might” be happening with your USAA posts is that maybe they have security bots that try to find philshing sites. So when you put USAA in a post (or Microsoft, or any other major company) the bot finds the the string and then you get multiple other hits as they try to determine if the site is a bad site or not….