My new "boss"

I can’t tell you much about him yet, or what we are working on.  His first name is Ted though, and I liked him the first time I talked to him on the phone.  I went to work with him before that call ended.

Anyway, I sent Ted a bit of a confession today – I was supposed to be preparing our new Rackspace server to host our application this morning – instead I spent most of the morning moving Yuvi’s blog to my server.

So I sent Ted an apology for putting us behind, and here is his reply:

Hey,  If you are helping someone who is in need (I read a little about this kid on your blog), don’t ever feel guilty.  It is a great story.  Keep on giving!!

Maybe what I am best at is picking great bosses.  I’ve sure done well with that in the last decade or so!

And thanks, Ted.  A lot!



  1. Yuvi – I’m almost caught up now. So no worries!


  2. Thanks Rob! Thanks Ted! And you never told me that you’ve got work to do!

  3. And Yuvi – I know you will read this – do not feel bad! It’s all good!