My new Zune

I bought a Zune 80GB player today.

I had an iPod.  I had a Sansa.

After 5 hours I love this Zune so much more than I liked the others.

First, no reliance on either iTunes or Media Player.  The Zune software is great – especially if you are used to navigating an XBOX 360.

Some very cool things I’ve already found out:

  • The home AV kit is very cool.  A dock you just drop your Zune into, use the remote, and watch your videos on the big screen.  Love it.
  • It works wonderfully with my XBOX 360.  More on this in a future post.
  • The WiFi is more useful than I thought it would be (and I helped invent WiFi, so I freaking love it!).  Play a video and fall asleep?  No problem.  With the Zune in the dock it will finish the video then take the opportunity to sync all of your new podcasts, music, pictures, etc. – you do not need to remember to sync the Zune – THAT is cool.
  • If you are playing a song, or a video, and you unplug the earphones from the Zune it pauses playback.  Very cool for when I am listening in the car over the FM transmitter and get home and want to put it into it’s dock.
  • Yes, the FM transmitter is nice.  Bright display, well designed (it has a magnetic base so you can “stick” it onto something in your car).  It also provides power to the Zune via a cigarette lighter adapter.  It even includes a thoughtful rubber cover for the cable end for when you don’t have the Zune plugged in.  It also includes a nice non-slip pad that you can put on your dash and sit the Zune on it without it flying all over the place.


I’m sure that over time I will find things I don’t like.  I’m still not sure if I like the sensitivity of the touch controls.  But maybe I just need to get used to it.  For now I would have preferred a sensitivity setting.

I also watched four videos today – two directly on the Zune and two on my big screen via the dock.  The Zune software did a good job of converting the source video so that it displays well on either screen.

So after about 5 hours I am very happy with the Zune.  It’s a well crafted piece of electronics.  Hopefully I use it more often then the PSP I bought a couple years ago.  Don’t know what I was thinking that day!


  1. I don’t have a Zune, but I don’t like the iPod either (my cousin’s caused me a *GREAT* deal of pain when it deleted all songs by itself and made me restock it 2 hours before I had to leave for a tour on train. sigh).

    Enjoy the Zune 🙂

  2. @lee. Sorry you don’t like the Zune. I can understand you not liking it for not supporting Asian characters n- but besides that you’ve not added anything of substance to the conversation – do you have any particular dislikes of the Zune (do you HAVE a Zune?).

  3. Sent you a friend invite, tag it on with all the other stuff you are keeping up with……..ha..

  4. zune is ugly mp3..

    zune 2 not support asian character…

  5. @RL – I am “kr8tr” on Zune Social. Still loving the Zune a lot.

  6. Feel free to hang out over at or see you on the social.


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