My newest nephew

“Austin Tad” – born today to my second youngest brother (I have 5 of them!).  Congrats to them – I guess our family name is well on the way to propagating for another generation or two!


  1. Hey Big Bro!!    Congrats on yet another Nephew in our family.  Talked to Tad tonight and we think it’s about time we drag the clan together for a  BBQ or something.PS…As for the racism..if your anything like the rest of your family, you do have racism in you…I’m very racist against racists.  Kinda oxymoron, but hate to see what you were hit with today.  We all know you better than that so live the         La Gesse family motto "IIllegitimi non carborundum""don’t let the bastards grind you down"Love Ya Bro!!