My Quiznos Delivers


There is an update to this post here 

Very cool. I love delivery. And I love Quiznos. I found out they delivered via a coupon they mailed me. It was a “Free delivery” coupon – worth $2.00.

I love delivered food, and I love “free”. So last week I went online and ordered two sandwiches from Quiznos, and went to the online checkout. Odd. No place to put a coupon code. I wrote in the special instructions box, “I have a coupon for free delivery”.

They still charged me $2.00 for delivery.

Tonight I ordered three sandwiches online and again wrote, “I have a coupon for free delivery” in the instructions.

They still charged me $2.00 for delivery.

So I handed the coupon to the poor kid who delivered the sandwiches and told him, “this is your $2.00. It is a coupon your site won’t let me use. So please take it back to your manager, tell him he owes you $2.00 as part of your tip, and ask him to call me about it”.

I hadn’t eaten half of my (wonderful!) tuna salad sandwich when Quiznos called. The manager on duty was very polite, even though he admitted he didn’t know the online ordering system. But he wrote a note for the store manager, and promised me they would look into it. I think they will. Any business that is that careful preparing wonderful food will probably correct any customer experience issues as well.

The lesson here is that a little bitty thing like a $2.00 coupon bothered me because I couldn’t use. I could probably save $20/month on groceries if I used coupons. I’m just to lazy to. Somehow it is different when I can’t use the coupon vs. when I “don’t” use coupons.

Consumers are finicky. Deal with it.


  1. It is nice to see that Quiznos follows communications in the blogosphere.  Thanks for stopping by – I really do love your sandwiches!


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