My simplistic keys to winning "new-web" PR, Marketing, etc

1. B wh3r3 I B

2. Make me feel special.

3. no bs, mf

4. you work for it, baby – don’t make me – you need me more than I need you.

5. wtf? no online support?

6. B tru

7. Don’t exclude me, a valued customer, in your bids/specials to win new customers.  I deserve flowers now and then as well.


  1. @Ike – I didn’t think we had met? 😎

  2. @rob:

    Social Media Consulting is a B2B function. We don’t like end users all that much. They are loud, and smell funny.

  3. @Kami – I think I just figured out why I am so slow learning here. I read at least a dozen “PR” blogs. What I just realized is that you all seem to be blogging to teach each other how to use new media to reach customers.

    You don’t seem to be blogging to me the customer.

  4. @Kami – Oh, I completely agree. My perspective IS from the customer.
    One ignorant about the industry you are in.

    I’m trying to learn though.

  5. A customers view of PR and Marketing