My StumbleUpon Education

I’m going to alter my resume to reflect that I am attending StumbleUpon U.

Every day I attend a number of classes on StumbleUpon. 

StumbleUpon is a browser toolbar that let’s you, well, Stumble on things.  You set things you are interested and click a button and you are randomly taken someplace on the web that has something to do with what you indicated you were interested in.

That’s how it normally works.  Normally someone that knows a lot about Nanotechnology would click that as something they want to follow.  Then they could stay up to date with nanotech sites they might never have found.

I do something different.  I pick subjects I do NOT know a lot about – like Nanotechnology, finance, DNA, etc.  I have a huge number of things I “don’t know about” selected.  So when I “Stumble” I stumble into something I don’t know much about.  And I have committed to reading at least three of these articles a day – about something I know nothing about, probably have no interest in, and that will probably never apply to my chosen career.

But it’s amazing what you can find and learn.

So I am attending StumbleUpon U.  I need to get a diploma made.

Try StumbleUpon – it really is a cool site.  I’ve used it for over a year, and it’s safe. It won’t install anything ugly on your system, and the benefit of having this toolbar is real (unlike most other browser toolbars!)



  1. Ah – like all things the StumbleUpon tool bar can be used for good or evil 🙂

    I just limit my topics to stay away from things like YouTube videos, jokes, and most importantly to me – photography sites (I can waste an enormous amount of time looking at photographs!)


  2. Dang, it is 8:10 am and I haven’t even started getting ready for work…I am LATE! Can’t decide if I love this information or hate how addictive it is… 😉


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