My Theory on the Rash of "Air Emergencies"

A lot of people think the airlines/government is over-reacting with numerous cases of detaining passengers for “odd behavior” – you know, talking on a cell phone before you taxi, putting on lip gloss, going to the bathroom, etc.

I have a theory that these incidents are fictitious – I believe this because in almost every case they say, “Two Air Marshall’s” or “Several Air Marshall’s”…

See, I think it’s all a trick to convince terrorists that we have a bunch of Air Marshall’s – enough to have 2-3 every plane.  I hope it works.  I think I’ll be flying in a couple of weeks and I sure hope those Air Marshall’s (wink-wink) are on my plane.


  1. You just gave away a national secret!

  2. you still have to leave your lip gloss at home!