First, I don’t really have a Twitter Follow Policy.  I look at the profile, glance at the latest Tweets, and always follow any URL in the profile – the lack of a URL is a turn-off.  Then I just “guess” on if I would enjoy following someone or not.  I follow some people because they are idiots, and I enjoy their antics.  I enjoy some people for their occupational savvy.  And I enjoy some as friends, or friends of friends.

My “Twitter Follow Policy” is decidedly unfair, I realize.  But if someone follows me, and sends a Tweet to @kr8tr that is something I find interesting, then I almost always follow them back.

As far as my “Twitter Bio”.  I have been on Twitter for over 18 months a long time.  I am an early adopter.

I use Twitter in a number of different ways.  In the morning, I rarely use it at all – but I have it running and minimized.  I respond to messages to me, but I don’t Tweet often.  From noon until 7 PM or so I generally use Twitter for business, or for business related stuff. 

Later at night I generally use Twitter for fun.  I am apt to say anything, or even Tweet a blind date in real time.  I love my late night crowd.  Generally they are just like me (and probably you).  They have finished their “work day” and they are still working.  But we all appreciate a bit of humor mixed in.

So please, feel free to follow me.  But don’t expect me to fit in a defined box.  My interests are all over the map, and so are my Tweets.

And don’t be mad if I don’t follow you back right away. It takes me time to warm up to people.

I hope you join me – and entertain me, enrich me, or just cheer me on.  Whatever you do, get involved.