My worse video viewing experience since 6th grade

I sent this email to someone on the XBOX team – hoping that they would offer some help.

I never intended on posting it – but my experience with XBOX Live Support today caused me to reconsider.

The response I received was basically, “bummer”.

I blew it off and told myself that I just wouldn’t buy any more movies from the XBOX Marketplace.

Keep in mind, my Live account was still live at this time.  I don’t think it had anything to do with my last blog post – except in both cases XBOX has disappointed me. And in both cases, they didn’t seem to care – they didn’t value me as a customer.

But now I feel compelled to share my initial email:

My worse video viewing experience since 6th grade

And I am sorry to say it was the first time I ever bought a movie from XBOX 360 Marketplace.

I have no clue why my experience was so bad – I selected the movie, bought it, and in a few minutes it told me it was ready to play.  It took another ten minutes for me to start it (I was on the phone), and when I did it was great.  HD looked wonderful.  But after about 20 minutes it said I (kr8tr) was disconnected from XBOX Life.  About 5 minutes later I ran out of movie.
My Gamertag is set to automatically connect to XBOX Live, but for whatever reason, it didn’t while I was watching this movie.  I had to exit the player, navigate all the way back to log back in, then once logged in and allowing some video to buffer I had to go back to Media, select console, hit a ton of buttons, and finally get back to watching the movie.
This repeated 5 times.  It took me over 5 hours to watch a 2.5 hour movie – and it wasn’t pretty.  It immediately reminded me of the film spools breaking when I was in middle school.

I am sure my experience isn’t the norm – otherwise you wouldn’t be offering movies for download.  But my experience WAS painful, and really detracted from the movie (imagine a movie with a ten minute intermission every 20 minutes).

And no – I did not have Internet connectivity issues during this time – I was online on Windows Live Messenger the entire time.
My XBOX is hard-wired to my cable modem, so it wasn’t a wireless issue.

Any clue what’s going on?  I really want to try and watch “Postcards from Iwo Jima”… but I don’t want that film interrupted like this one (“The Great Raid”) which  should have been an amazing film.  It was still a darned good film – but it would have been much better without all the disconnects.

One suggestion – don’t just tell me a download is “ready to play” – tell me when it is completely downloaded.  Once I know it’s on my hard drive I think I feel comfortable watching it.

And don’t take this the wrong way – I love my XBOX – but I really had a bad experience with my first purchase on the Video Marketplace – and I am an avid movie watcher – I have over 500 DVDs.  I just think you have an expectation (like I do) that I should have a better experience than what I have had…

You can outsource support if you pay attention to what they are doing – but you CANNOT outsource customer satisfaction.  Perhaps you even believe you have enough customers that I don’t matter.  Maybe you are right.  But I doubt it.  I’m not insignificant to Microsoft – I drive a lot of business to them on a lot of levels.  They should know that just by looking at my Microsoft Live Account.  I have a much larger footprint with Microsoft than XBOX Live.  But EVERY experience with Microsoft counts.  And Lie isn’t delivering.  Not to me anyway.  And once you pass the cheerful (and helpful) electronic voice on the Live Support system, support ends.  The people that answer the phone are less empowered to help me than the computer system that answers the phone is.

And the computer system is never rude.