myFeedz – API docs

Adobe Labs has introduced MyFeedz, and a corresponding API.  I like the service – enter some tags you want to watch and MyFeedz builds you a river of news based on your tags.  You can then subscribe to the river of news via an RSS feed – so you can add the river to your current reader.  Nice.

The API looks pretty cool as well – I’m going to try playing with it later this week 

myFeedz API v1.0 Documentation

The myFeedz API helps people to include myFeedz contents into their own websites and/or applications. You can use the API to perform various queries against our database of articles, displaying what’s hot around the web or exporting bits and pieces from your profile.

Its primary audience is made up of power bloggers and other technology enthusiasts that can use it as a tool to track down information and trends in the news. A couple of use cases that we thought of are:

  • automatic tagger for your blog posts;
  • keep track of your reading interests with a tag cloud of your profile;
  • display a tag cloud for your blog or blogs (thus tracking your writing interests);
  • display content related to your posts — find out who is writing about the same things that you do;
  • display articles from a certain topic and perform custom searches.

In order to use the myFeedz API you have to sign-up for a free account and you will receive an API key, required by all the calls made to the API. You can find your API key under the profile page of your account.

Source: myFeedz – API docs