I have no knowledge in this case other than what this article suggests. But if true, this guy was living on the same base I lived on, in the same set of quarters I once lived in – and he was cashing in to the tune of at least $15 million. During war time. Stealing. From us, and the US, and more important, from our troops.

This should be considered treason, in my opinion. This would be money that was stolen from our troops on the ground. And/or from the Iraqi people. In either case it is one greedy son of a bitch that casts a shadow (an undeserved one) on every patriot serving in uniform today.

I love people that are just willing to work for their money. What a concept. I despise thieves. And cheats. And malingerers.

The total price tag for the largest military contracting bribery scandal to come from the rebuilding of Iraq could far exceed the $15 million in bribes Army Maj. John Cockerham has been charged with accepting. The Fort Sam Houston-based contracting officer had the authority to recommend that his superiors approve contracts of up to $10 million apiece. So far, the federal agency entrusted with overseeing the rebuilding effort isn’t saying how many such contracts Cockerham may have sent up the chain of command. Military