Naming toys

I have never given a TV a name, or a car a name for that matter. But for some reason, I have always named my motorcycles, and my GPS receivers. There is a long tradition in naming bikes but I am not sure about the GPS receivers. I might be the only one who names them.

My last GPS was named Sheila. She cost me $6000 when someone sliced the top of my convertible open to steal her.

My current GPS is named Katie. She’s a sweetie!

I guess I name the GPS systems because they have a nice female voice (meaning female and generally not bitching at me – except for the occasional “Do a U-Turn when possible” – which does sound bitchy!)

I name my motorcycles because they have the same things that I find attractive in women – power, curves, excitement, not knowing what will happen next and a they both have an adjustable ride 🙂

I haven’t shared the name of my bike with anyone. There may be hints in my blog, but I don’t think so.

I won’t share it now either. It is personal 😉

Unless someone guesses it.


  1. I thought it was just me and Shruti, but I name my computers, watches and cameras 😀 I just guess people name things most close to them 😉

  2. funny, i call my nav sys “bossy bitch” and turn the sound off