NASA decides against shuttle repair in orbit

This is a decision I am VERY glad I don’t have to make.

From my layman’s perspective, I want to put duct tape on it, at least.

Wouldn’t a little goop stuck over the gash be safer?  Maybe a wad of chewing gum?

Like I said, I am glad this wasn’t my decision.  It would be very hard to live with making the wrong choice. 

NASA decided Thursday that no repairs are needed for a deep gouge in Endeavour?s belly and the space shuttle is safe to fly home.

NASA decides against shuttle repair in orbit – Human Spaceflight –


  1. @Paul – you are probably right. I hope the astronauts got to make the decision though.

  2. My theory on this is, that it was probably more diffilcult to announce this decision than to actually make it.
    I think the decision to NOT fix it was probably a non-issue: there was nothing to decide: they CAN’T fix it!
    Because, if you have a defect in one of the most sensitive areas of an already very high risk enterprise, and the lives of 7 people are at stake, how can anyone, having the option to repair it or not, ‘decide’ not to repair it, especially when repairing it doesn’t require much more than a simple ‘space walk’? If there is the option, it would be criminal not to repair it.
    Hence my belief that there IS NO such option! They simply can’t fix it.