Natuba (closed beta) – Review

 Natuba3 I joined Natuba when it was first launched (in a closed beta) some time ago.  I’ve followed Richard Yoo for a long time – he built a company I rely on – and more importantly, a company I ask my clients to rely on. Richard blogs here.  So when Richard launched Natuba I jumped right in.


 natuba Natuba is interesting – it’s almost like Twitter, but instead of seeing my Tweets you see my Blog Posts (LiveJournal, Blogger, MySpace, TypePad, WordPress, Live Spaces), Twits, pictures posted on Photobucket, Flickr, and my videos on YouTube – all in a river of news – either on my Natuba page, or via an RSS Feed.  Call it the “All About Rob” feed.  Yes – it takes all of my “stuff” and gives you one feed, and of course it is free.

It also has a front page view of the various data scrolling through the site from other users as well. It can be just as fun to watch as Twitter, although not quite in real time.


But the meat and potatoes is the RSS feed – everyone gets one.  It co-mingles all my stuff into one place that you can subscribe to and ignore, instead of having to ignore me in several places.  My feed is here


 natuba1 Here is a view of what my feed looks like on my Natuba page.  As with all images here you can click it to get a bigger view.

What is pretty impressive to me is how quickly Natuba includes my new Tweets or blog posts – sometimes seconds after I send a Tweet it is already on my Natuba page.  I guess that’s to be expected from a guy that built Rackspace – he probably understand servers and stuff 🙂




natuba4 Currently the Join Page says they are undergoing changes and will re-launch in the “Fall of 2007”.  I’ll let you know when.  But it’s an interesting site, and if you are VERY interested in checking it out, let me know.  Maybe I can ask Richard for a favor (but you have to be someone known to me – I won’t ask favors of people for strangers).  Of course, I have no idea if Richard would/could oblige me anyway!

I like the idea of one RSS feed for me to track what my friends are doing – it not only makes sure I don’t miss something, but the data all comes in close to the real chronological order.  That makes it easier to understand what someone’s day has been like 🙂


About Natuba Give your friends a single place to follow everything happening in your online life with Natuba. Trying to keep up with all your pages on all the different web sites has been a pain (just ask your friends). You have a MySpace page, a blog at LiveJournal or Blogger, photos at Flickr, videos at YouTube, and of course you can’t go 5 minutes without texting to your Twitter account. Just because you use all these sites doesn’t mean that your friends should have to visit all of them to keep up with what you are doing. Natuba gives you a way to create a single page from all of your sites around the Internet. With Natuba’s simple interface you just click on the sites you want, tell us your username, and we pull everything you have posted into your Natuba page. You can continue to update the other sites as often as you like, and everything will show up on your Natuba page. Best of all, there is no software to download or install, everything works right through your web browser! Once you build your Natuba page, you can start sharing your Natuba address immediately! The entire process only takes a couple minutes, so sign up now! (Additionally, Natuba is the name of a municipality in Paraíba (PB), Brazil. 🙂

Natuba – About