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Today Neil writes about a book he wanted to write years ago and never did.  Until now.  He has a chapter!  I envy him.  I have three books I am in various stages on – and I always find excuses not to make progress on them.

One of them I really like – I’ve been working on it for almost 30 years!  It’s a medical satire.  Titled, “Minor Surgical Procedures You Can Perform in the Comfort of Your Own Home with Ordinary Kitchen Utensils”  (subtitled: “Unheard of Complications I Have Heard of”).  I probably have the book done, if I could just cut and paste everything together in the right way.

The second book I’ve also been working on forever.  It doesn’t have a real title at this point, but it will be something like, “What you didn’t know about me“.   It’s targeted at my kids – but it has a lot of stuff in it that I’m not sure I want to share with them yet (or maybe not until after I am dead!).  It’s a somewhat touchy-feely don’t make the mistakes I did book crossed with a modern version of “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”.  Yeah – I know.  Don’t worry though – I knew I was different before you even met me 🙂

The third book is very recent – dealing with personal privacy on the Internet.  It’s the one I’ve actually made the most progress on lately because people have been sending me stories detailing their odd experiences with the Internet and their identity. 

So Neil, I know exactly where you are, and best of luck!  Maybe I can get a chapter out in the next week.  A competition – there you go – a book writing competition.  Should be on TV – it would interest me a hell of a lot more then the “Amazing Race” or “Survivor”.

And today I finished writing Chapter One of The Graveyard Book, and it’s a real book. I know it’s a real book because there are all sorts of things I don’t quite know yet, and I can’t wait to find them out.

Source: Neil Gaiman – Neil Gaiman’s Journal