NEISD Press Release — Teachers receive pay raise

 The median salary for new teachers (1-4 years experience) is $34,390 – enough to get by on for a family of four maybe (depending on where in the country you live).  I certainly couldn’t love off that amount – not even in the low cost of living area I live in.

 I’ve long thought teachers were significantly under-valued, so I was pleased to see the school district I am in has increased starting teacher annual pay to $44,000.  Still not enough – but much better than the national average of $31,000/year!

 Congratulations NEISD teachers – you deserve it!

On June 18, 2007, the North East Board of Trustees adopted the 2007-2008 district budget, which included an average 4.5 percent salary increase for teachers. This includes $425 funded by the state and an additional $1,875 funded by the district, for a total general pay increase of $2,300. All other eligible employees will receive an average 4.5 percent increase based on their midpoint salary. Additionally, the current health and dental premiums will continue without any increases.

The starting teacher salary was increased to $44,000, and new stipends up to $1,500 were approved to help recruit and retain math and science teachers. That stipend amount will depend on the number of math or science periods taught by the teacher. Some other stipend amounts were increased to reflect the latest market values.

NEISD Press Release — Teachers receive pay raise