NEooWS.COM “is an online RSS aggregator and reader featuring a community based approach to news and content delivery. NEooWS aims to build a community that discusses daily stories and provides different user perspectives on the content.”

I registered (kr8tr) – it looks interesting.  I didn’t see any way to upload my OPML file to them, and I didn’t see a way to read a “River of News“, so I didn’t hang around very long tonight (not feeling 100% chipper).  I’ll try to spend some more time on them tomorrow – they do have some very interesting stuff to offer, and I would like to look at in in more depth.

But I was looking for a replacement RSS Reader, and without the River of News type interface, I know NEooWS isn’t what I am looking for.

I did add my blog to my account on NEooWS and was surprised at how quickly they added not only my posts, but updated the search index to my posts.  After adding my blog to my profile I searched for “lagesse” and all of the blog posts they had retrieved had already been indexed.  Cool!

It’s a Digg-like voting site for feeds, but is more socially oriented than Digg, from first appearances.  If you get a chance to dig deeper before I do, please share your opinions here, in the comments. 


  1. NEooWS has revamped its looks and naviagtion.
    I liked the category and Region based tags,

    have a look

  2. NEooWS is getting better day by day.

    Check out now.

  3. is NOT quite ready for prime time yet (Grrrrr):"500 Servlet Exceptionjava.lang.NullPointerException
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