Netgear SC101 – Network Attached Storage


It is so bad – the software is so pathetic, the experience is so painful that I will not even return it.  I will kill it and bury it in the backyard so nobody else accidentally gets their hands on it.

It is so poorly implemented that it will be a very cold day in Netgear Hell before I buy any Netgear products again.

Really, folks – stay away from this thing.  It is evil.  Once you finally get it “set up” (no easy task) and start copying data to it, it will eat that data and shit our garbled bits and bytes of what USED TO BE your videos and or photos.

 Even the product support page is a disaster – the first three things they give you are warnings.  I could save them some page real-estate and network bandwidth by suggesting they just change ALL of the text on this page to:


OK, are we clear on this?

Use the firmware and utilities at the left, not those on the CD.

Do not use a disk previously formatted on a PC, unless you want the existing data completely destroyed!

Warning! Use the power adapter that came with the SC101. Other adapters, e.g., laptop power adapters, may destroy the hard disks

Source: SC101 Support Page


  1. @MissM … you don’t need any other information than “IT BROKE” to get an RMA for your disk. Over the years I had several replaced EASILY from various vendors. JUST got a replacement Western Digital disk last week. Painlessly.
    Apparently, disk manufacturers, unlike Netgear, are aware of people like Rob out there! 😉

  2. MissM – Thanks for the comments, and for stopping by! I wish you the best if you need some data off the device – if you do, please stop back by and let us know how it went!


  3. I have been using one too, for the last couple months, sorta….
    I put 7200 RPM drives in it, and it made a nice foot warmer, under my desk. One drive started making noises, and based on the blinking pattern of the lights, (Which was easy to find on the support page, but I agree on the lack of support.) it was telling me that one of the drives was bad. I assume that I’ll have to hook the bad drive up to a real computer to get an error code for an rma. I fell for this product cause it was cheap, although next time, I’m getting one that isn’t software based. Its lowered my opinion of netgear also. I haven’t tried to restore data on it, yet. Thank goodness, it sounds like. Although I felt a bit of comfort having that “automatic backup” even though it hadn’t been backed up since november. Keep up the honesty! And thank you for it.

  4. @Paul – No firmware updates for this thing since mid-2006, so I think it’s in the deal pool.

    Data seriously corrupted (and the device requires an ATA-6 drive, which I went and bought a month or so ago just for this device). Luckily I didn’t MOVE data to the device – I just copies data to it. So I have my original data. But most of what’s on the device is toast. I’ve pulled the drive and am using it in my Microsoft Home Server box, which I just installed today (future blog post on my experience with that coming in the next day or two).

    Yeah on the “101”.

    Finally, as for the Amazon reviews – I bought this thing a few months ago and never got around to using it. When I did I found I didn’t have a drive that would work (older IDEs and SATAs here now – mostly SATA). And yes, it was an impulse buy. I screwed up. But not nearly as much as the developer’s/manager’s and marketing people at Netgear did. This is truly probably the biggest piece of crap hardware I have EVER spent money on. And that’s amazing, since I’ve bought some really crappy crap!

    I’ve really got to watch my impulse shopping – it’s not something I do often, but it’s something I often regret doing!


  5. Before you actually bury it:

    a. Bad software can be fixed by firmware upgrades.

    b. Your data got corrupted? I bet you used a pre-formatted disk (or a disk ‘below’ ATA-6)!

    You should have known better than to buy something with a “101” designation 😉

    You ALSO should have known better than to ignore the absolute damnation by the reviewers on Amazon! (link)

    But hey, I bet that, with a little ingenuity, it makes an excellent toaster. It already has the looks of one!