New business venture

(Thanks to Paul – I just corrected my typos in this post – I did register, as well as several other variations on the name.  I guess the first time I mispelled Chumby I told my spell checker to add it as “Chumly” and that stuck for the entire post.  My bad.  I should really be more diligent in checking posts, but life is short, and I don’t get paid for this!).

This is (hopefully) a for-profit gig.

I don’t know if you are aware of Chumby. You can read a review here and visit their web site here.

I bought the domain in hopes of building a profitable open source community to extend the Chumby and become a “home” for Chumby owners.

I have a lot of ideas on how to use a web site to integrate with the Chumby to create really useful (not just interesting) streams of data.

Read about Chumby – if you have some skills and interest in helping me develop the idea further, let me know – I am very much into sharing revenue with fanatical fans that can wrap their heads around this idea. This is, I think, a phenomenal idea – open source everything, from the hardware to the firmware, software, and even the “packaging”.

There is a lot of cool stuff we can enable Chumby to do – and hopefully do some of it at a profit. If you are thinking “feed Widgets to Chumby via a web site” you are almost halfway there – that’s the gravy part of my idea – not the gravy train. EVERYONE is doing widgets… we’ll do something even more interesting!

Let me know at rob(at)lagesse(dot)org.



  1. Uh – did I typo? I actually own BOTH domain names, and a few other variations of it. So yeah, I see I mistyped. But I DO still have Sorry I screwed up on my initial post – I’ll fix it.


  2. Rob, really! I know you think in broad strokes .. in ideas .. in visions… but still… when it comes to working out the details .. you REALLY should pay more attention to details!

    At LEAST, you should have bought the domain ‘’ .. sometimes spelling IS important!

    Chumby!!! Not Chumly….